A free iPad app designed by Peter Miller

The Providence Walking Tour app is a visual guide to Providence, Rhode Island and includes hundreds of images by Peter Miller. Take your iPad on a walk through the Providence’s College Hill, and Downcity neighborhoods, and experience it’s architecture, history, and legends. The tour is in slide show format with brief descriptions and includes location maps of each segment and destination. If you are connected to Wi-Fi or have a cellular connection on your iPad you can also see locations with online maps.


Self paced

The Providence Walking Tour app consists of 14 connected segments with 120 destinations. Most segments are less than 1/2 mile with about 10 different destinations and include up to 6 different aspects of each destination. You can walk each segment for a short visit or combine several segments for a more expanded walk. The complete tour could be a more challenging afternoon hike.

Presented with historical context

The tour is thoroughly researched. It’s not just pictures of buildings in the present day, but shows historical prednisone images of scenes from the past. Characters who shaped the history of Providence play a major role in the tour along with appearances by Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft and unknown street urchins from the turn of the 19th century.



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