Through My Eyes, by Mike Dooley, First Edition, 2015

Softcover book, over 50 images, 12 x 12 inches, $60

Over the years I have developed a unique vision of the world around me, and when I first started to explore the art of photography that vision became clearer and stronger.

I found the camera to be an amazing tool, one that allowed me to organize the world into a frame. To bring order to chaos, and to help me find the beauty in prednisone the world.

“Through My Eyes” is a collection of 50 of my favorite photographs, presented in a book format. Each photograph was carefully selected for the book and contains a short description. Some are funny stories about the photograph, others are more informative of a technical prednisone aspect, while others share insight to my thoughts and feeling when I pressed the shutter.

Mike Dooley